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Who are we

AVC Wise was established in 2018 to support public sector employers in offering their LocalGovernment Pension Scheme members access to the cost-effective retirement benefits of a salary sacrifice Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution scheme; better known as a Shared Cost AVC scheme.


AVC Wise provide a fully managed solution to help employers launch and manage their scheme, which includes a dedicated bespoke web platform for each of our partners, a full employee communication service (including retirement education) and administration support from beginning to end.

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Why we do, what we do

At AVC Wise, we understand the importance of workplace financial wellbeing, especially when it comes to planning for the future. That’s why we pride ourselves on supporting our partners and their employees with first-class retirement benefits alongside expert pension education.  

We want to make sure that all employees have access to the tools and resources to make their retirement dreams a reality. 

To do this to the best of our ability, we’re committed to growing our team and encouraging ongoing professional development for all of our staff. It’s because of this that we’ve improved our services, added more products, and helped over 250 public sector employers improve the financial security of their organisations since 2018. 

To help even more employees achieve a healthier financial future, we’re working to expand our product offering in the coming months and years; it’s a really exciting time for AVC Wise. 

Our Values


With a team full of experience, we are truly 'experts' in what we do.


Thanks to our expertise, we see ourselves as a truly trustworthy and credible organisation that is
always here to help.


We are not only logistically easy to approach - every member of our team is approachable and happy to help at the other end of the line.


We are constantly evolving the business and our offerings to enhance how we assist our customers.


We move quickly to assist and accommodate our customers to the best of our abilities.

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