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Promotional Terms and Conditions

2024 Employee Insights Network – Terms & Conditions 


For those who have been contacted to take part in the ‘Closing the Gender Pensions Gap’ webinar task, please note: 

  • The registration form for taking part in this task will close on 7th February 2024 at 11:59PM.  

  • You will be contacted 3 working days before the task takes place confirming whether you have been picked to complete the survey or join the focus group after the webinar.  

  • If you have been picked to take part in the focus group, to qualify for a £20 Asda e-gift card, you must attend and participate in the session.  

  • If you have been picked to complete the survey, you must complete this by 16th February 2024 at 11:59PM to be entered into the draw to win a £50 Asda e-gift card. 

  • The promoter of this offer is AVC Wise Limited whose registered office is at 5 Margaret Road, Romford, Essex, RM2 5SH (the “Promoter”).   

  • This offer is open to all active LGPS members at the Promoter’s partner organisations, who are registered on their employer’s Shared Cost AVC platform.  

  • To qualify for the offer, active Local Government Pension Scheme (‘LGPS’) members at the Promoter’s partner organisations must be part the AVC Wise Insights Network. LGPS members looking to join the AVC Wise Insights Network must complete the Insights Network Registration Form and enter all the required information stated in the form. LGPS members who complete the form may or may not be invited to participate in optional reviews for new AVC Wise products, webinars, website developments and more. LGPS members who participate in the reviews will be rewarded with varying rewards depending on the review task assigned.   

  • Prizes will range from AVC Wise merchandise up to a £50 eGift card.  

  • A prize will only be attributed upon providing honest and constructive feedback on the task assigned.  

  • All prizes are subject to availability. The prize is funded by the Promoter. LGPS members will be notified directly on the email address used when registering on the Insights Network Registration Form facilitated by the Promoter.  

  • If an LGPS member does not respond or acknowledge a retailer for their eGift card within 14 working days, the prize will no longer be available. Participating users reserve the right to object to their information being published or made available, or reduce the amount of information published or made available. In this instance, they must notify in writing.  

  • Entry is free and without obligation. Entry may result in a letter or telephone call from a representative of the Promoter. No entrant is obliged to see any such representative unless they wish to do so.   

  • The Promoter reserves the right to amend or withdraw the offer at any point, if any live prize draws or competitions are in progress these will be subject to withdrawal and subsequently cancelled.  

  • The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.   

Last updated 6 February 2024, 13:30​

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