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Understanding your pension and how to save for retirement can be challenging. The good news is, we have a dedicated Retirement Education Team whose combined experience spans 50 years in public sector pensions.

With many years supporting public sector employees across the UK with their retirement benefits and AVCs, they have extensive knowledge that leaves no gaps.

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Take a look at the educational resources available:

Digital and printed communications

Intranet materials, portal banners, promotional emails, posters and flyers advertising the benefits of the scheme and how to maximise retirement savings.

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As soon as you register on your employer’s AVC platform, you will be able to join our experts at plenty of free to access live webinars to learn more about your pension scheme and the benefits of an AVC.

You can also book a private individual meeting with an AVC Wise Retirement Education Specialist after attending a webinar if you have any further questions.

Individual '1-to-1' Meetings

Tips and tricks for saving for the future is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution; what works for one individual does not necessarily work for another.

Therefore, we offer 1-1 meetings with one of our Retirement Education Specialists to answer any questions you have and provide you with the best information to make the decision which is right for you.

No advice is given at these sessions, only factual information about what options you have to support a financially healthier retirement.

1-to-1 webinar session

Retirement Education Specialists

Meet our Retirement Education Specialists, the driving force behind our commitment to provide employees with a secure financial future!

Jonathan Kempson Profile Photo

Jonathan Kempson

Retirement Education Director

Greg March Profile Photo

Greg March

Senior Retirement Education Specialist

Nick Pottinger Profile Phot

Nick Pottinger

Retirement Education Specialist

Ian Anderson Profile Photo

Ian Anderson

Retirement Education Specialist

Jade Green Profile Photo

Jade Green

Retirement Education Specialist

Barry Richards Profile Photo

Barry Richards
Retirement Education Specialist

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