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Fully Managed Solution

Introducing an AVC scheme gives your employees access to the best benefits available to them.

AVC Wise manage the implementation and ongoing management of your AVC scheme, meaning minimal administrative hassle for your organisation.

A solution packed with benefits

Implementation Manager person pointing to a flip chart

Implementation Manager 

To cover the initial launch and transition period of the scheme with a bespoke project plan including launch schedule and delivery timescales.

Account Manager hand shake

Account Manager 

To help review and benchmark to ensure that the scheme is working effectively and attracts maximum participation.

Bespoke Platform working document

Bespoke Platform 

An online administration facility to fully manage employee applications and salary sacrifice data, removing the need for manual application processing.

Invitation Facility letter

Invitation Facility 

The Shared Cost AVC platform includes a core function of automatically inviting LGPS members to directly access information about the scheme and utilise resources such as webinars and savings calculators.

Employee Help Desk 

Employee Help Desk 

Access to a dedicated employee Customer Service support team, a service provided via a telephone helpline, live chat, and email.

Webinars and 1-2-1s 

Webinars and 1-1s 

Access to a number of webinars and individual meetings hosted by our expert team, built to educate your employees about both the Shared Cost AVC scheme and the main LGPS too.

Employee Communications 

Employee Communications 

A bespoke employee communication service providing a simple and effective method of providing tailored, specific information about the scheme.

Employer Training 

Employer Training 

Employer training on the AVC Wise platform so you can use the system effectively for payroll reports etc.

Technical Support 

Technical Support 

Coordination with Pension Fund, AVC Provider and internal IT department to ensure seamless access to platform and educational resources.

Investment Advice 

Investment Advice 

Bespoke investment advice enables employees to review and adjust their investment choices based on their ever-changing goals and risk tolerances.

Investment graph

Shared Cost AVCs

Employees who are members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) are entitled to the cost-effective benefit that is a salary sacrifice Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution (Shared Cost AVC) scheme. 

What are Shared Cost AVCs? 

Shared Cost AVCs enable the employee to build an additional pot of money alongside their pension with contributions exempt from Income Tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs), with the potential to take it all as a tax-free lump sum when they retire.  

The AVC contributions are held with the pension provider (Standard Life, Prudential etc.) and taken from the employee’s net pay via salary sacrifice, on which the employer also makes savings by paying less employer NI. 


With a Shared Cost AVC £100 only costs a basic rate taxpayer £72.08! That’s an immediate value increase of 42.65% before the money is even invested. 

If an employee were to contribute the above in a Shared Cost AVC for 15 years, their pot could be worth £22,697.27 at a cost to them of only £12,974.40!  

That’s a growth of over 74%...

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only. The figures shown are only estimates based on limited assumptions. The figures shown assume a net assumed growth rate of 3%. They do not include the impact of inflation and are not guaranteed or a personal recommendation. Basic rate savings are displayed as a guide only. Basic rate assumes an individual paying 20% Income Tax and 10% National Insurance contributions. The actual savings will depend on your personal circumstances and investment fund performance, which is invested by your Shared Cost AVC provider.


Standard AVCs

We understand that not all employees may be eligible or willing to transition to your Shared Cost AVC scheme. This means your organisation may have members on both your standard AVC and your Shared Cost AVC scheme. 


Standard AVCs provide employees with a valuable opportunity to save for retirement while enjoying Income Tax savings. Although AVCs do not offer the National Insurance savings provided by our Shared Cost AVCs, they still present a compelling benefit option.  

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