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Empower your employees with digital Investment Advice 

Welcome to a smarter way to secure your team's financial future!

Introducing digital Investment Advice – a crucial service to employer your employees with expert knowledge and enabling them to informed, bespoke AVC investment choices. 

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Why do your employees need digital Investment Advice? 

Where you invest your AVC pot could be the difference between a good or great retirement. Depending on your AVC scheme’s investment options, many employees face a long list of investment funds to choose from, and they are expected to make a choice that could impact the final value of their AVC pot. Even if there is a default fund, is that exactly the right fund for the individual? 

We want more employees to have confidence in the choices they are making, we want to make your AVC scheme as successful as possible, and we don’t want employees not making a choice because they don’t know what choice to make. 

Giving your workforce access to FCA regulated investment advice equips them with the knowledge to move forward and make an investment choice that’s more right for them, potentially leading to a better performing AVC pot, and increasing participation in your AVC scheme. 

This service is valuable even for those already with an AVC plan. Accessing this bespoke investment advice enables them to review and adjust their investment choices based on their ever changing goals and risk tolerances. 

How does it work?

As part of the Shared Cost AVC application process, employees will be introduced to the investment advice service.

From looking at income, spending patterns, and retirement goals, the employee will receive personalised advice, detailing the most appropriate fund(s) choice(s) to meet their personal goals and attitude to risk.  

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These personalised fund recommendations integrate easily with your existing scheme. 

Contact us to learn more about Investment Advice.

Help your employees to boost their financial security today.  

Contact us to learn more about Investment Advice and its benefits for your organisation. 

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