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Improving Staff Recruitment and Retention with the Right Tools

Now more than ever, employers need alternative ways to enhance their benefits package and attract quality talent in local government roles.

A recent YouGov survey revealed that 74% of employees said they would like access to the benefits of salary sacrifice in their workplace; whether this be transport, healthcare or pension contributions.

With many financial pressures currently at play, focusing on offering cost-effective benefits like salary sacrifice initiatives strengthens your overall benefits package and help you promote financial wellbeing as a top employer concern to prospective and existing employees.

As an employer, you too can see additional organisational savings in National Insurance Contributions on the amount your employees sacrifice. So, as well as attracting more staff with a well-rounded benefits package, you can improve your retention rates by fostering a better working environment for existing employees - investing in existing talent through training and hiring more staff with the savings you make.

Budgets continue to be cut and costs continue to increase - salary sacrifice benefits can help to alleviate the pressures these cause for both you and your employees.

Listening to your people is key to achieving high staff retention, and ultimately, creating a great place to work with appealing, valuable benefits is what will attract the right people to fill your roles. Financial wellbeing is a high priority for all right now, so it’s no surprise that employees are seeking the most cost-effective benefits from their employers.

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