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AVC Wise attends the North West Payroll Conference

As well as being able to take in the beautiful scenery in Kendal, our NHS Team got down to business discussing all things Pensions Recycling and salary sacrifice AVCs at the North West Payroll Conference.

The team spent two days in the Lakes, reporting huge interest in our NHS Pension Solutions.

Matthew Coombe, Business Development Director at AVC Wise commented “We had a great time at the North West Payroll Conference. It was good to get out and meet everyone. Lots of interesting conversations and many more to come. The speakers were engaging and informative, and the activities were both enjoyable and insightful. Overall, a wonderful experience”.

James Bolton, Head of Business Development at AVC Wise added "It’s not just about what happened at the event, but about what we do next. Every event is an opportunity to learn and grow so that we can move forward with a greater understanding of what NHS trusts need”.

We believe that all NHSPS members should have access to valuable retirement benefits, because if they don’t - they’re missing out on a very cost-efficient chance to grow their retirement savings.

This is why we’re spreading the word about Pensions Recycling and salary sacrifice AVCs.

See you at the next event!

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